The Wandering Princess is a party character company based in Forks on the west end of Clallam County in Washington State. We dress as a variety of princesses including Princess Cinder, The Ice Queen, Princess Annaliese, The Ice Sisters, Princess Rose Red, Mermaid Melody, The Queen of Trolls, Princess Arabelle, The Islander Princess, Wander Woman and of course The Fairy Godmother. The party character industry is booming throughout the United States and children's imaginations are still running wild. With our cast and crew at The Wandering Princess, we can help the children of tomorrow learn and grow, with the help of imagination and a little magic!

Where imagination meets magic: Our Story

The Wandering Princess all started one late evening when Emma-Grayce Tinker-Fleck was thinking of ideas to try to save Ruby, her old 74' super beetle that had multitudes of problems. Which would cost a lot, but it had been in her family for a while and she knew she had to restore it, and also so then Ruby could fulfill her wanderlust. Her granpa had helped pick out this vechicle and had filled it with laughter and love towards everyone who saw it.

So by going onto google she found a pocketbook size of a webpage with a interview of a professional princess in Kentucky. She was hooked, the costumes, the kids, the laughter, and even the acting was something she was used to because since kindergarten she had been princesses, mermaids and even superheroes in all sorts of local productions. So that night in a dream she came up with a name, The Wandering Princess. With the name imprinted into her head she took off running and decided The Wandering Princess was a way to save Ruby and to bring spirit and laughter to the children of her local peninsula.